3 Nephi 14 – Ask, seek, knock

Jesus tells the people in this chapter to ask, seek, and knock, to gain personal revelation from God. Am I careful not to be swayed by false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing to deceive? God has given us the tools we need to stay safe. But am I using these tools in my life?

1 Nephi 5-6 – Ask & Search

These 2 chapters show how important it is for everyone to receive their own personal revelation. Asking God and searching out answers through prayer, scripture study, and pondering our lives. Chapter 6 also states clearly the purpose Nephi and the other ancient prophets wrote the Book of Mormon–to bring souls unto Christ.

2020 Book of Mormon Study

This year we are studying the Book of Mormon in the Come Follow Me Church curriculum. I’m so excited! The Book of Mormon brings me so much JOY! I’ve decided to post my thoughts as I ponder each week’s lesson material. I have years’ worth of ponderings in scripture journals–words I look up, thoughts I…