3 Nephi 14 – Ask, seek, knock

Jesus tells the people in this chapter to ask, seek, and knock, to gain personal revelation from God. Am I careful not to be swayed by false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing to deceive? God has given us the tools we need to stay safe. But am I using these tools in my life?

3 Nephi 7 – To whom do I Yield?

The Nephite nation is poised on a peak of great change. The line which divides them boils down to this: who are they yielding their hearts to? Satan or Christ? This seems like an easy choice to make, but Satan is subtle and tricky in how he gets us to yield to him. How can we protect ourselves from his deceptions?

Helaman 6 – Kingdom Building

God has commanded us to build His kingdom on earth? But I think many times we put other kingdoms above His and build those. These worldly kingdoms can be political, social, even our own personal kingdoms of ease and prosperity. Whose kingdom are we truly committed to building? We might need to humbly look at the tactics we are using to see if we are builders for God, or someone else.