3 Nephi 7 – To whom do I Yield?

The Nephite nation is poised on a peak of great change. The line which divides them boils down to this: who are they yielding their hearts to? Satan or Christ? This seems like an easy choice to make, but Satan is subtle and tricky in how he gets us to yield to him. How can we protect ourselves from his deceptions?

2 Nephi 5 – Constant Building

The theme of Nephi’s life seemed to be building things. He first built a bow as a young man, then a boat, then he taught others to build buildings, and ultimately, he built a temple to God. God asks that we be builders as well–of faith, character, testimony, love, trust in Him. Are we building with the finest materials we have to give, or are we cutting corners and taking shortcuts. That never works out well in a construction project. How can you use your best workmanship to constantly build your life into something God will want to accept?

Book of Mormon Lessons

This year we have the wonderful opportunity to study the Book of Mormon in Gospel Doctrine. Of all the books in the world, this is my favorite book. It has brought me more peace and insight than any other book I’ve ever read. As I’ve reflected on some of the lessons I’ve learned by reading…