Life’s Music

Many years ago my husband and I purchased a piano. It’s been used by all of us over the years to create beautiful, and not so beautiful, music. Life is like a piano. You get out of it what you put into it. I have heard awful discord come from my beautiful grand, and I’ve heard…

Hope’s Strength-Recovery Step 2

Hope is the 2nd step in the Church’s 12-step addiction recovery program. If power comes through honesty, strength comes through hope. Hope links us to the grace of Jesus Christ and enables us to know we can overcome any weakness or addiction. Continue reading to learn more about the strength that comes through hope in Christ.

Grace and Works

Are we saved by grace or works? Many religions differ on the answer to this question. We, as Mormons, believe Christ’s atonement and grace save us…but believe that good works follow as we receive a change of heart through His redeeming grace. Read more of how both grace and works bring joy into our lives.