Watch with Me

One of my favorite scripture stories about the Savior takes place during the Atonement when he took his disciples into the garden of Gethsemane and asked them to “Watch with me.” They couldn’t endure the suffering for Him, but they could be there with Him to offer comfort and support. How often do we want the same thing? Taylor explores the power of watching with others in this article.

The Will of God

We’ve all had times in our life when we’ve felt like we were doing all we could to progress…only to be cut down. This video of the currant bush is a great analogy of life and why we must go through uncomfortable pruning and trimming to help our roots grow deeper so that we can experience God’s joy as we become who He wants us to be.

Equal Opportunity Trial Giver

I grew up in a home that was less than ideal, especially for an LDS family. As an adult, I’ve worked to have one of those families I wished I could have had as a child. However, while we have been blessed by our efforts to live good lives, we still have our challenges and trials. Heavenly Father is, apparently, an equal opportunity trial giver since we all have a lot of growing to do still.