2 Nephi 6 – Waiting

Jacob picks up the record for the next few chapters. He quotes a lot of Isaiah and lays out the future apostasy and restoration of Christ’s kingdom on earth. What stood out to me in this chapter was how God blesses those who wait on Him. What does it mean to truly wait on the Lord?

2 Nephi 5 – Constant Building

The theme of Nephi’s life seemed to be building things. He first built a bow as a young man, then a boat, then he taught others to build buildings, and ultimately, he built a temple to God. God asks that we be builders as well–of faith, character, testimony, love, trust in Him. Are we building with the finest materials we have to give, or are we cutting corners and taking shortcuts. That never works out well in a construction project. How can you use your best workmanship to constantly build your life into something God will want to accept?

2 Nephi 1 – Awake & Shake

I love this chapter. There is so much rich imagery with the awake and shake off the chains that bind you analogy. We all have burdens and chains that weigh us down or keep us from happiness. Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, has told us that we can come to Him and He will give us rest. How do we awake from spiritual sleep and shake off our chains so that we can come to Him?