1 Nephi 11b – Look!

The word that stuck out to me in this chapter is LOOK. It’s used 8 times by the angel in the vision, asking Nephi to look closer, look deeper, keep looking. He’s basically asking Nephi to look for MORE so he can find Christ, His Savior, and truly live. Do we LOOK for more in our lives? Do we look closer at people, deeper into ourselves, so that can ultimate LOOK UP and recognize our Savior when He comes again?

1 Nephi 11a – More

I love the 3 things Nephi does in this chapter to get MORE from the Lord. He desires a further witness of his father’s words, he believes all that his father told him, and he ponders on the dream his father has. And because of these faithful actions, God gives him MORE. Do you seek MORE in life, or do you content yourself with a pot of porridge?

1 Nephi 9 – Trust God

Nephi is commanded to make a duplicate record (like his father’s). He doesn’t understand why God wants him to do this, but He trusts that God must have a good reason. Do we have such trust in God, or do we complain, doubt and show a lack of faith when we don’t understand the answers to everything He asks us.

1 Nephi 8b – Partake & Share

The second part of this chapter talks about the tree of life Lehi sees in his dream and the fruit that tastes more sweet and wonderful than any other fruit he has tasted. It is so glorious that he wants to share it with his family. We want to share good things in our life with those we love. Let’s learn more about what the tree and fruit represent.