2 Nephi 4 – Mighty Prayer

This chapter is often called Nephi’s psalm. He agonizes over his weaknesses and sins that keep him from being close to God, but then he utters one word that changes everything…Nevertheless…and he puts his hope and trust in God again and pours out his heart in mighty prayer to the Lord. And despair turns into inspiration.

2 Nephi 3 – Joseph Prophesies

This chapter has tons of prophesies from Joseph of Egypt that Lehi’s gives to his son, named after him. They are great and powerful and explain a ton about the restoration in the latter-days. Lehi also talks about the message the ancients left for us. What do you think they gave us that would make us most happy?

2 Nephi 1 – Awake & Shake

I love this chapter. There is so much rich imagery with the awake and shake off the chains that bind you analogy. We all have burdens and chains that weigh us down or keep us from happiness. Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, has told us that we can come to Him and He will give us rest. How do we awake from spiritual sleep and shake off our chains so that we can come to Him?

1 Nephi 21 – Wait on the Lord

Nephi quotes Isaiah 49 in this chapter. Isaiah can be difficult to understand, but look for the little nuggets of gold in the words, and don’t get hung up on what you don’t understand and quit studying. There are powerful verses that teach of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Two words that stood out to me were behold and wait.