Ether 8 – Beware power-seekers

Jared is a wicked king who leads a coup again his own father, gets overthrown in another coup by his brothers years later, and then seeks to keep power in any way possible. We have men/women like him today, who are desperate to keep power, no matter what they have to do to keep it. We must beware power-seekers and work to keep them in check through government checks and balances.

Helaman 11 – Secret Combinations

The Nephites battle long and hard against secret combinations. They even let them get into their government. Even when they sweep them out of politics, they aren’t gone, but attack and then hide in their secret places. We definitely have secret combinations today. What are we doing to fight against this danger?

Helaman 6 – Kingdom Building

God has commanded us to build His kingdom on earth? But I think many times we put other kingdoms above His and build those. These worldly kingdoms can be political, social, even our own personal kingdoms of ease and prosperity. Whose kingdom are we truly committed to building? We might need to humbly look at the tactics we are using to see if we are builders for God, or someone else.