2 Nephi 8 – Joy!

Do you want joy in your life? I think all of us do. We are busy seeking it in all sorts of places, but the true source of joy is Jesus Christ. “Joy and gladness shall be found therein…”

2 Nephi 1 – Awake & Shake

I love this chapter. There is so much rich imagery with the awake and shake off the chains that bind you analogy. We all have burdens and chains that weigh us down or keep us from happiness. Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, has told us that we can come to Him and He will give us rest. How do we awake from spiritual sleep and shake off our chains so that we can come to Him?

1 Nephi 18 – Building

Nephi and his brothers build a ship, and the Lord shows them from time to time how to work the timbers. We can have the Lord’s help in building our lives too, if we seek His help and wait for those times when He reveals to us specific instructions for us. The greatest thing though, is the Great Calm God can bring into our lives, so we aren’t stressed out builders.

1 Nephi 16 – Power of One

Bad things happen in this chapter to Lehi’s family. They almost starve, Ishmael dies, and there is a great division in the family. Bad things happen in our lives as well. We’ll explore the power of one person to make a different around them (for good or for bad) in this post.