Jacob 1 – Reconciled to Christ

Jacob gives four simple, yet meaty steps to be reconciled to Jesus Christ in this chapter. Ponder on these to see if you can think of specific ways you can apply one or all of these steps better in your life.

2 Nephi 29 – Words

The Book of Mormon is God’s words for our day. Nephi tells us in this chapter that wherever God’s people are on the earth, He has commanded them to keep a record. We have the Bible, a record of the Jews, and the Book of Mormon, a record of the ancient peoples living in America. No doubt there are other records out there we have not been given by God yet, but when we do receive them, they will run together and prove the truth of the others. Do we treasure God’s words?

2 Nephi 28 – Lies exposed

Satan knows us better than we know ourselves sometimes…because he doesn’t have a veil of forgetfulness over him here on earth, like we do. He has an arsenal of tricks to tempt us and lead us away from God to misery. But Nephi debunks most of these and sheds light on Satan’s tools to help us not be overcome.