1 Nephi 15 – Receive Strength

Have you ever wondered “Why me?” when bad things happen? How do you go about receiving strength to help you through the messiness of life? This post studies Chap 15 in depth to find the answer to these questions.

1 Nephi 13 – Power from God

God will deliver His people who trust Him, but don’t let distractions or the world make you forget who the Giver of all blessings is. Don’t take credit to yourself for something God empowered you to do. I love this chapter because it goes into how merciful God is in bringing forth more of His word to the earth to give blind eyes sight and clear up confusion in the world.

1 Nephi 12 – Pick a side

A mighty gulf with a raging river divides the wicked from those who are partaking of the fruit in Lehi’s dream. We were sent to this earth by our loving Heavenly Father to learn to pick a side. Will we choose Christ and everlasting joy by following Him and keeping His commandments? Or will we chase after temporary happiness the world flaunts and always be grasping for more…but not quite ever catching it?

1 Nephi 11b – Look!

The word that stuck out to me in this chapter is LOOK. It’s used 8 times by the angel in the vision, asking Nephi to look closer, look deeper, keep looking. He’s basically asking Nephi to look for MORE so he can find Christ, His Savior, and truly live. Do we LOOK for more in our lives? Do we look closer at people, deeper into ourselves, so that can ultimate LOOK UP and recognize our Savior when He comes again?

1 Nephi 11a – More

I love the 3 things Nephi does in this chapter to get MORE from the Lord. He desires a further witness of his father’s words, he believes all that his father told him, and he ponders on the dream his father has. And because of these faithful actions, God gives him MORE. Do you seek MORE in life, or do you content yourself with a pot of porridge?