Mosiah 11 – The WHY behind our temple

Wicked King Noah comes into power and builds an ornate palace and other things to sate his vanity. He even builds a temple, but God does not accept it. Do we ever strive to build a “temple” in our life to cover up sins or justify our own will? Or do we build our temple to draw nearer to God?

2 Nephi 31 – Christ's Doctrine

Nephi plainly outlines the doctrine of Christ in this beautiful chapter: faith in Him, repentance, baptism by immersion by one who holds priesthood authority, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us back to the Father and the Son. This path back to God is strait, not necessarily straight. Find out what that means.

2 Nephi 28 – Lies exposed

Satan knows us better than we know ourselves sometimes…because he doesn’t have a veil of forgetfulness over him here on earth, like we do. He has an arsenal of tricks to tempt us and lead us away from God to misery. But Nephi debunks most of these and sheds light on Satan’s tools to help us not be overcome.