1 Nephi 11b – Look!

The word that stuck out to me in this chapter is LOOK. It’s used 8 times by the angel in the vision, asking Nephi to look closer, look deeper, keep looking. He’s basically asking Nephi to look for MORE so he can find Christ, His Savior, and truly live. Do we LOOK for more in our lives? Do we look closer at people, deeper into ourselves, so that can ultimate LOOK UP and recognize our Savior when He comes again?

1 Nephi 10 – Desire to Know

Nephi outlines the plan of salvation in this chapter and desires to know the truth about what his father revealed to them. He wanted a personal witness, and he gets it. Do we desire to know, and then work to seek our own revelation from God in our lives?

Light the World

If you haven’t heard about the Light the World campaign, you should check it out HERE. Each day for December, there is a scriptural theme based on the Savior Jesus Christ’s life. It started with the scripture in Matthew 10:8: Freely ye have received, freely give. The point of the campaign is to remember Jesus…