Watch with Me

One of my favorite scripture stories about the Savior takes place during the Atonement when he took his disciples into the garden of Gethsemane and asked them to “Watch with me.” They couldn’t endure the suffering for Him, but they could be there with Him to offer comfort and support. How often do we want the same thing? Taylor explores the power of watching with others in this article.

The Atonement

Do you feel imperfect? Like no matter how hard you try you can never measure up?   We all do.   Sometimes this feeling overwhelms us and we assume we have failed at life and there is no hope for us.   At. All.   Maybe we’ve done something we’re not proud of and feel…

Come and See

To those who are curious, to those who have questions about what Mormons believe, I invite them as the Savior did in the New Testament, “to come and see.” Read more of this guest post from a Communications professor in Texas.