Moroni 10c – Spiritual Gifts

In verses 8 through 26, Moroni exhorts us to deny not the gifts of God. These spiritual gifts “are many” (8) and are administered by God in different ways, “but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them.” (8)

Studying the next few verses reveal several of these spiritual gifts we and others can receive through the Spirit of God. Read through these and ponder which gifts you or others have already. Ponder which gifts you would like to receive to help others around you.

  • The gift of teaching “the word of wisdom.” (9)
  • The gift of teaching “the word of knowledge by the same spirit.” (10)
  • The gift of “exceedingly great faith” (11)
  • The “gifts of healing” (11)
  • The gift to “work mighty miracles.” (12)
  • The gift to “prophesy concerning all things.” (13)
  • The gift of “beholding of angels and ministering spirits” (14)
  • The gift of “all kinds of tongues.” (15)
  • The gift of “interpretation of languages and of divers kinds of tongues” (16)

This is not an exhaustive list of gifts God can give us. It’s just a small list of gifts we can seek after and receive. There are others, such as: hope, observation, discernment, mercy, love, honesty, a listening ear, an understanding heart, convincing power, uniting power, peacemaking, and many, many more. Remember, anything that is good comes from Christ. So any trait or ability that helps us do good in the world and help others comes directly from Christ. We should thank Him for these gifts.

And all these gifts come by the Spirit of Christ; and they come unto every man severally, according as he will.”

Moroni 10:17

How can we come to know what gifts we have been given?

We can reference our patriarchal blessings, and those who know us best, and personally identify what we are naturally good at and enjoy. Most important, we can ask God. He knows our gifts, since He gave them to us.”

Elder John C. Pingree Jr., I Have a Work for Thee, Ensign, Nov 2017

I believe we were born with some gifts. But I also believe we can seek after and receive others, “according as [we] will.” One way I figure out what gifts I want to pray for is by reflecting and praying about my weaknesses. Ether promised earlier in this record that our weaknesses can become strengths through the Lord. When I identify my weaknesses, I can turn to the Lord for help in making these strengths—turning a weak point into a spiritual gift that can bless my life and others’ lives.

Moroni goes on to speak about the interconnecting Christlike attributes of faith, hope, and charity.

Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity.”

Moroni 10:20

He says that these things are done away only by iniquity and wickedness.

And Christ truly said unto our fathers: If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me.”

Moroni 10:23

Is my faith this strong? Could I work on bolstering it better by coming unto Christ more fully?

Moroni again says Christlike spiritual gifts will only be done away on earth by unbelief, and if that day comes, it means that “there shall be none that doeth good among you, no not one. For if there be one among you that doeth good, he shall work by the power and gifts of God.” (25)

  • Let us always strive to be the “one” who goes about doing good, as our Savior did when He walked the earth.
  • Let us choose the higher road of peace, love, and unity, even if others around us lower their standards and use devilish tactics.
  • Let us seek for more spiritual gifts so we can fill this world with Christ’s light, to show others how to leave the darkness to come unto their Savior.



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