Ether 15 – Let God prevail. Or fail

When Coriantumr recovers from his wounds, “he began to remember the words which Ether had spoken unto him (1) He saw that there had been slain by the sword already nearly two millions of his people, and he began to sorrow in his heart; yea, there had been slain two millions of mighty men, and also their wives and their children. (2) That’s maybe up to six plus million people. Crazy. All lost by the sword.

Coriantumr begins to repent and “his soul mourned and refused to be comforted.” (3) He realizes the prophets were right. Everything they prophesied is coming to pass.

He writes to Shiz, saying he’ll surrender and give up the kingdom for the sake of the people. Shiz refuses, unless Coriantumr lets him slay him with his own sword. Cory isn’t that brave or noble. So the people keep fighting in their anger. And just like the Nephites will do eventually, they gather forces for four years to prepare for a great and last battle. This is near the spot where Mormon hid up all the plates. Interesting. It’s almost as though the curse on the land leads them here.

After this four year period, the people—men, women and children—dress in battle gear and go up against each other “and they fought all that day, and conquered not.” (15) They mourn and howl with the grief of the damned all the night long, then get up and fight all the next day, and howl against the second night.

Coriantumr writes again to Shiz “desiring that he would not come again to battle, but that he would take the kingdom, and spare the lives of the people.” (18) Shiz refuses.

But behold, the Spirit of the Lord had ceased striving with them, and Satan had full power over the hearts of the people; for they were given up unto the hardness of their hearts, and the blindness of their minds that they might be destroyed; wherefore they went again to battle.”

Ether 15:19

When hearts are hard, Satan has power over us. These people had given ALL power unto him, and the Holy Ghost could no longer work on them to soften them to mercy or compromise.

We see from both the Jaredite and Nephite histories what Satan’s ultimate goal is regarding those who follow him. He destroys them. Completely.

They fight again all the third day, and sleep on their swords. They fight the fourth day. They get drunken on anger, just as they would be drunk on wine. After the fifth day of fighting, there are only 52 people for Coriantumr and 69 people for Shiz. (23) This is out of millions!

After the sixth day of fighting there are only 32 for Shiz, and 27 of Coriantumr’s men. These are your largest and mightiest men left, and they are preparing for death.

As they fight on the seventh day, they only last three hours before they faint for loss of blood (27) When Coriantumr’s surviving men can finally walk, they want to flee for their lives, but Shiz arises and “swore in his wrath that he would slay Coriantumr or he would perish by the sword.” (28)

On the eighth day as he pursues and catches them, they fight. Everyone falls except for Shiz and Coriantumr—2 survivors from a whole nation (not counting Ether who is recording all this for us).

Shiz faints from loss of blood.

And it came to pass that when Coriantumr had leaned upon his sword, that he rested a little, he smote off the head of Shiz.”

Ether 15:30

And here is a super gross part. Headless Shiz “raised up on his hands and fell; and after that he had struggled for breath, he died.” (31) Even without a head, he struggled for air. Coriantumr falls to the earth as if dead. It’s been over a week of non-stop fighting. He is beyond exhausted and wounded.

Ether is commanded to go out and finish his record. He hides it “in a manner that the people of Limhi did find them.” (33) The last words of the prophet (who is in the same boat as Moroni now, the last survivor of his whole civilization) are these:

Whether the Lord will that I be translated, or that I suffer the will of the Lord in the flesh, it mattereth not, if it so be that I am saved in the kingdom of God. Amen.”

Ether 15:34

And so ends the tragic tale of the once mighty Jaredite nation. Hate, anger, secret combinations, and pride brought about their downfall. Those evil things made it so that the Spirit could not strive, or work, with them, leading them to good.

Here’s a summary of the whole Jaredite history of kings. I’ve outlined righteous kings in GREEN; wicked kings in RED

  1. Orihah – righteous
  2. Kib –
    1. Corihor – wicked; divides people; takes father captive. Kib’s other son, Shule restores kingdom to Kib
  3. Shule – (Corihor repents and returns under his rule); Prophets come; he protects them so they can convert people to repentance
    1. Noah – Corihor’s son who divides kingdom; almost kills Shule but his sons rescue him. Noah killed.
    1. Cohor – wicked brother of Noah; kingdom still divided; he’s killed
    1. Nimrod – son of Cohor who gives up kingdom and gains favor with Shule
  4. Omer – (a dark plot by Jared and his daughter; Akish, Omer’s friend, to behead him to win Jared’s daughter’s hand in marriage; Omer is warned with his family to flee into the wilderness)
    1. Jared – takes his father captive; 2nd time after Omer warned of his dark plot and flees, Jared takes over kingdom. 
    1. Esrom and Coriantumr – Omer’s sons (Jared’s brothers) who battle Jared and almost slay him. He begs for mercy, which they grant him. Jared bitter; his daughter lays plot to dethrone his dad again
    1. Akish – In an ironic twist of fate, Akish plots against his father-in-law and beheads him (Jared) and takes over the kingdom. His sons start a war with him that continues until only 30 people remain. Omer is restored to the throne after all this destruction
  5. Emer – Omer’s son – righteous. Lord takes curse off land in his day and the house of Emer prospers exceedingly. He even sees God.
  6. Coriantum – Emer’s son – righteous. Has no offspring until his old age.
  7. Com – He reigns 49 years and begets Heth, who embraces dark oaths and slays his own father.
  8. Heth – Secret combinations; murderer; okayed killing the prophets. A great famine comes and poisonous serpents.
  9.  Shez
  10. Riplakish – Taxes people excessively to build riches and powerful kingdom; whoredoms. After 42 years, he is killed; his descendants run out by people.
  11. Morianton – Takes back kingdom; eases taxes to gain favor of people, but still does whoredoms.
  12. Kim – His brother rises up against him and keeps him in captivity
  13. Levi – Born in captivity; rises up against his uncle and takes back the kingdom, and is a righteous ruler.
  14. Corom
  15. Kish
  16. Lib – righteous; poisonous serpents destroyed; super prosperous and industrious people
  17. ?Hearthom – reigns 24 years, and is taken into captivity by someone else.
  18. ?Heth – born and serves in captivity
  19. ?Aaron – born and serves in captivity
  20. ?Amnigaddah – born and serves in captivity
  21. ?Coriantum – born and serves in captivity
  22. Com – rebels, draws half kingdom away; lots of battles over many years before he regains kingdom. Robbers begin to be around again; he fights them, but can’t prevail. The people are wicked because prophets preach repentance to them. He protects the prophets; they prophesy much to him.
  23. ?Shiblon – his brother fights against him; much war, famine, pestilence because his brother kills the prophets. He is slain.
  24. ?Seth – lives in captivity
  25. Ahah – gains kingdom; rules in wickedness; short are his days
  26. Ethem – prophets come again to call them to repentance
  27. Moron – half the kingdom is taken from him through wicked combinations, but he gets it back eventually; but loses it to a descendent of Mahonri Moriancumr and is in captivity the rest of his life.
  28. ?Coriantor – dwells in captivity all his days.
  29. Coriantumr Ether is in line to be king, but he dwells in captivity all his days and is the prophet; tells Coriantumr if he doesn’t repent, everyone will be killed but him and he will receive burial by another people who will inherit the land. Doesn’t repent. Wars and bloodshed until complete destruction of their people.  
  • 13 generations righteous
  • 7 generations totally wicked
  • 8 generations I don’t know

This book grieves me. It paints the picture of an end of a great civilization, because the people refused to turn to Christ. How easy it would’ve been to turn to Him. He would have received them with open arms, but they would not have Him. We see the end result of following Satan—destruction as he laughs at their misery.

Let us not make the same mistakes as these people did. This is why the Book of Mormon was written for our day, to help us see clearly and look to Christ as our Savior. Let us do as our prophet has counseled us recently, to let God prevail in our lives, so the evil one can’t gain ground in our hearts and harden us.



Come Follow Me manual – Book of Mormon 2020

Russell M. Nelson, Let God Prevail, Oct 2020

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