Ether 11 – Merciful Prophetic Warnings

We left off in the last post with Com not prevailing against the robbers in the land. We discussed how we can prevail in our lives if God is on our side. In this chapter, we will see a multitude of warnings God gives this people over several more generations of wickedness.  

Prophets come to warn the people as wickedness grows in the land. The people reject them “and they fled unto Com for protection, for the people sought to destroy them.” (2) Com must have been good, despite how wicked his people had become. The prophets tell him many things “and he was blessed all the remainder of his days.” (3)

Do we listen to our prophet and heed his counsel, so we can be blessed in our day?

Yesterday, President Russell M. Nelson gave us two activities we can do to have the healing power of gratitude work in our lives during this difficult time. (see resources below for Youtube link) We will be blessed if we heed his prophetic counsel.

Shiblon takes over for his dad, but his brother rebels and starts a war that lasts for a long time.

And it came to pass that the brother of Shiblon caused that all the prophets who prophesied of the destruction of the people should be put to death.”

Ether 11:5

Because of secret combinations, which always try to silence the righteous, “there was great calamity in all the land.” (6) The smaller curses come that the prophets told them would unless they repented. Wars, famine, pestilence…enough so that “the people began to repent of their iniquity; and inasmuch as they did the Lord did have mercy on them.” (8)

God is anxious to bless us. When we forget Him, He merciful gives us chances to remember Him. All we have to do is repent, hopefully before the dire curses happen to compel us to be humble.

Shiblon is slain and Seth is imprisoned. I’m assuming he’s the rebellious brother or Shiblon’s son. It isn’t clear. But Seth’s son, Ahah, takes over and he is wicked, and short are his days. Ethem, his son, is also wicked. (11)

Prophets come again in the days of Ethem. They prophesy that God will “utterly destroy them from off the face of the earth except they repented of their iniquities.” (12) The people won’t listen. The prophets mourn and withdraw from among them. That is never a good sign.

Moron takes over for Ethem. He’s also wicked. Ethem begats Moron, who’s also wicked. Another mighty man rises up in rebellion and gains half the kingdom from Moron. But Moron battles and gains it back. There arises another mighty man—a descendant of the brother of Jared—and he overthrows Moron and puts him in captivity. Moron’s son is Coriantor. He dwells in captivity all his days.

Prophets come again (do you see the pattern here? God is indeed merciful and has given them chance after chance after chance). They preach repentance and tell the people that if they don’t humble themselves, “that the Lord God would send or bring forth another people to possess the land, by his power, after the manner by which he brought their fathers.” (21) They are still rejected.

Coriantor begets Ether in captivity, who will become a pivotal witness of this culture’s demise in the future.

The lesson I get from this crazy chapter is to listen to prophetic counsel and warnings. Be humble. Repent.



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Pres. Russell M. Nelson – Healing power of Gratitude, Nov 2020

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