3 Nephi 29 – Let God Prevail

Mormon is still inserting himself into this historical abridgment, to teach us. I find his insights so wise. He points out that when these words (from the Book of Mormon) come unto the Gentiles (through Joseph Smith) “then ye may know that the covenant which the Father hath made with the children of Israel, concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance, is already beginning to be fulfilled.” (1)

The restoration of Israel has already begun, and we can be a part of it. Our prophet today, President Russell M. Nelson has said:

“The Lord is gathering those who are willing to let Him prevail in their lives. The Lord is gathering those who will choose to let God be the most important influence in their lives…

For centuries, prophets have foretold this gathering, and it is happening right now! As an essential prelude to the Second Coming of the Lord, it is THE MOST important work in the world!

This premillennial gathering is an individual saga of expanding faith and spiritual courage for millions of people. And as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or “latter-day covenant Israel,” we have been charged to assist the Lord with this pivotal work.”

Pres. Russell M. Nelson, Let God Prevail, Oct 2020 General Conference, Sunday AM session

Will we choose to let God prevail in our lives? Will we choose to build His kingdom, instead of selfishly building our own (or worse, that of the devil)?

Mormon says “if ye shall spurn at his doings he will cause that it shall soon overtake you.” (4)

Wo unto him that spurneth at the doings of the Lord; yea, wo unto him that shall deny the Christ and his works!”

3 Nephi 29:5

Spurn means to treat with disdain or disrespect; to despise; to turn down or treat with contempt. So, spurning means more than just turning away from Christ. It means rejecting Him and His Church disdainfully, mocking Him and His kingdom even.

If we reject the gospel of Christ and treat it with contempt or disdain, the world will overtake us and destroy us.

Yea, wo unto him that shall deny the revelations of the Lord, and that shall say the Lord no longer worketh by revelation or by prophecy, or by gifts, of by tongues, or by healings, or by the power of the Holy Ghost.”

3 Nephi 29:6

Those who seek gain by putting down the Christ shall be as the sons of perdition (7)

Therefore ye need not suppose that ye can turn the right hand of the Lord unto the left, that he might not execute judgment unto the fulfilling of the covenant which he hath made unto the house of Israel.”

3 Nephi 29:9

God’s will does not change according to men’s whims. He doesn’t care one whit about political correctness or what is the accepted philosophy of a culture or time period. He will fulfill His ancient covenants He made with Israel.

Knowing that God is unchanging should fill us with hope and inspire us to keep our covenants with Him. All the promised blessings He has made to us will be given, if we live worthy. There should be no doubt in our minds that He will fulfill His part of these covenants.

The question we need to ask each day is: Will we let Him prevail in our lives?  

If there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these comments.

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