Helaman 2 – Secret Evil

There is contention again in the land about who should fill the judgment seat. Helaman, son of Helaman, who is a righteous man, is chosen by the voice of the people.

But behold, Kishkumen, who had murdered Pahoran, did lay wait to destroy Helaman also; and he was upheld by his band, who had entered into a covenant that no one should know his wickedness.” (3)

This band has crossed the line into Satanic wickedness, where they have blood oaths and signs to identify themselves as Satan’s followers and to protect their evil brotherhood.

Though the Nephites were oblivious to Kishkumen’s evil, God knew his heart. He protects Helaman through a special bodyguard. Gadianton leads the people of Kishkumen. He “was exceedingly expert in many words, and also in his craft” to carry on evil. (4)

Helaman’s bodyguard spies on them, by infiltrating the evil band enough to know their signs. I’ve always been curious to know his story. What horrible things had he heard to be in with these men? What horrible things had he seen? Did he have to participate in their wicked oaths to be accepted among them? It had to be a spiritually challenging mission he had to do.

Helaman’s man knows enough to get Kishkumen to trust him and reveal the whole murder plot for Helaman. Kishkumen asks him to lead him into Helaman’s chambers.

But behold, the servant of Helaman, as they were going forth unto the judgment-seat, did stab Kishkumen even to the heart, that he fell dead without a groan. And he ran and told Helaman all the things which he had seen, and heard, and done.”

Helaman 2:9

Helaman sends forth people to arrest this band of secret murderers to execute them according to the law. But Gadianton had already “caused that his band should follow him. And they took their flight out of the land, by a secret way, into the wilderness; and thus when Helaman sent forth to take them they could nowhere be found.” (11)

Now starts this wicked band, who will prove to be the catalysts for the “the overthrow, yea, almost the entire destruction of the people of Nephi.” (13) That is a hefty sin to lay at their blame.

Some things to ponder:

  • What did Helaman’s spy bodyguard do to spiritually protect himself from falling prey to that wicked group he infiltrated?
  • What can we do to keep ourselves spiritually safe from the evil that surrounds us in this world?
  • How can we stay on top of evil, and not let it infiltrate our lives, families, and governments?

If there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these comments.

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