Mosiah 6 – Commit

Now Benjamin records the names of all those who have taken upon them Christ’s name and covenanted to keep His commandments. He asked for a written commitment from them, which would help them be more responsible for following through after this spiritual feast ends.

When you commit to do something, you are more likely to do it. And when you record that commitment, it makes it even more likely that you will follow through, because it’s more real.

What commitment are you willing to make to God today?

 Write it down and come back to it often to remember.

Everyone who heard his speech that day (not counting children, who weren’t accountable) entered into that covenant—to take Christ’s name upon them (2).

What does it mean to take upon ourselves Christ’s name?

In one of my favorite general conference talks by Robert C. Gay of the Presidency of the Seventy, he talks about some impressions he received when he prayed about this question.

  • To take upon ourselves the name of Christ means we faithfully strive to see as God sees.

“I wish to urge upon the Saints…to understand men and women as they are, and not understand them as you are.”

Brigham Young – Journal of Discourses

“How often it is said—‘Such a person has done wrong, and he cannot be a Saint…We hear some swear and lie…or break the Sabbath…Do not judge such persons, for you do not know the design of the Lord concerning them…Rather, bear with them.”

Discourses of Brigham Young, 278

“Can any one of you imagine our Savior letting you and your burdens go unnoticed by Him? The Savior looked upon the Samaritan, the adulterer, the tax collector, the leper, the mentally ill, and the sinner with the same eyes. All were children of His Father. All were redeemable.” – Robert C. Gay

  • To take upon ourselves the name of Christ, we must do His work and serve as He served.

To do this, we live the two great commandments—Love the Lord thy God with all our whole souls, and love our neighbor as ourselves.

To do this, we submit to God’s will. We gather Israel by sharing the good news of His gospel message to the world.

  • To take upon ourselves the name of Christ, we must trust Him.

…His love is greater than our fears, our wounds, our addictions, our doubts, our temptations, our sins, our broken families, our depression and anxieties, our chronic illness, our poverty, our abuse, our despair, and our loneliness. He wants all to know there is nothing and no one He is unable to heal and deliver to enduring joy.”

Robert C. Gay

“In any of life’s travels, why would you ever turn away from the only Savior who has all power to heal and deliver you? Whatever the price you must pay to trust Him is worth it.” – Robert C. Gay

There is so much more to taking the name of Christ upon us. You could study the subject forever and always be inspired to do more…because our Savior is infinite in His goodness.

But back to Benjamin. He records all those who commit to follow Christ and take His name upon them…and then he anoints Mosiah to be king and also appoints priests to teach the people and remind them of their covenants. Their commitments.

Mosiah begins to reign over the people. He is 30 years old. 476 years have passed since Lehi brought them to the new world. Benjamin lives three more years and dies.

And it came to pass that king Mosiah did walk in the ways of the Lord, and did observe his judgments and his statutes, and did keep his commandments in all things whatsoever he commanded him.”

Mosiah 6:6

How do you walk in the ways of the Lord?

It seems a simple question, but it’s so easy to get off the path. There are diverse ways the devil tempts us.

Walking in the ways of the Lord means doing what was taught in Mosiah 5:15—being steadfast and immovable. We don’t stray for even little things. We are immovable in keeping the commandments of God.

One way Mosiah helped his people stay steadfast is by encouraging hard work. He himself tilled the earth “that thereby he might not become burdensome to his people.” Working hard to provide for our families brings blessings.

Laziness leads away from the path.

Benjamin’s speech and Mosiah’s following after his father’s example leads the people to have peace and “no contention among [them] for the space of three years.” (7) That had to be a good three years. Because they were committed to Christ.

How can I commit myself to Christ today? What can I give up? What can I offer? How can I see people as He sees them, do as He did, and trust Him implicitly?



Come Follow Me Manual – Book of Mormon 2020

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