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Missionaries called to serve throughout the world for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are usually young people between the ages of 18-26. Adult couples and single sisters can also serve. I love reading missionary letters, because they’re so inspirational. These kids give up 18 months to 2 years of their lives at a point when most young people only think about themselves.

I’ve pulled quotes from missionary letters about the MTC–the Missionary Training Center–where they spend a couple weeks to a couple months depending on where they are called to serve, learning the gospel of Jesus Christ more in-depth and also a language if they need to. All these missionaries I’m quoting stayed in the Provo MTC (the first & last, my daughters, stayed in the old MTC between 2014 – 2016). The other quotes are about the new MTC. Enjoy!


Sis. S – called to serve in S. Korea

Life in the MTC is pretty #swagalicious (that’s for my brother). The food is not gross, but everyone complains about it. Sometimes it’s cold or hard as a rock, but there are lots of delicious options so it’s never a big deal. The orange juice does not give you diarrhea FYI. They have ice cream at lunch sometimes—which is awesome.

Some people call the MTC Spirit Prison because you’re usually in a small brick room for 9-12 hours a day studying, but I believe it’s Spirit Paradise. I do have to admit though that I get really excited when we go outside and I see real life trees! Just kidding…kind of.  I have hugged a tree ‘cause it looked so cuddly.

I have learned so much. The second day everybody was reading and writing in Korean, and the 3rd day we were teaching to a Korean.  Eek!  It was really hard and I didn’t understand what He was saying to us, but it was my 3rd day.

My favorite word in Korean is “Ha-na-neem Ah-poh-jee”.  Heavenly Father.  My second favorite word, by the way, is “hew-sheek,” because it means “break” and I love breaks!

Mission1When the going gets rough, you have breakfast and candy for lunch with your companions. I regret nothing.

They feed you ice cream at lunch and you can have cookies and root beer for every meal if you want—but you shouldn’t, you really shouldn’t! Ha ha! Besides the food, you get to hear really cool speakers. It’s like you get a personal General Conference every week. It’s awesome!

A mission is a lot of work though. Even here, we put in 16-hour days and every hour you’re working, studying, AND feeling the Spirit. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, but I am going to tell you that NOTHING is more rewarding and worth it than being a servant of the Lord.

These are the MTC bunkers. It’s been fun living here. Since our building is really old, we’ve found hidden treasures from past missionaries in vents, behind drawers, and other places. It’s kind of nasty, but kind of like family history work too, except not. Ha ha




Elder  A – called to serve in Japan

I guess I’ve become a potato dealer this week. The food here isn’t the best and a lot of the time instant potatoes with cheese on top is served. There is also a line for special diet needs that serves real mashed potatoes without cheese on them. I figured since my stomach was bad enough to reassign me, it is bad enough for me to get good food. I got approved to go through the special diet line and now I can get good food and can share with whomever. My fame has increased quite a bit as a result.

This week I have been focusing on staying positive with my Japanese. In class we talked about the Gift of Tongues. I noticed that I have been focusing more on my Japanese than on my kyudoshatachi (investigators)…For some reason as I was thinking of this, I remembered a scene from a football movie that I watched a long time ago…In this scene, the players were being really pessimistic about their ability. The coach then told one of the players to bear crawl for 50 yards. The player didn’t think he could but the coach told him to try. Before the player was about to go, the coach blindfolded him. The kid was having a hard time and was about to quit in the middle but the coach told him to keep going and said he was almost there. The kid went and tried as hard as he could. Eventually the kid collapsed and felt bad because he didn’t think he made it to the 50 yard line, but when the coach told him to take off his blindfold, the kid saw that he had gone all 100 yards of the field.

Missionary work is a lot like this. If I focus too much on exactly what I’m saying and worry too much about the Japanese then I will not be as effective as if I had disregarded my ability and ignored where my Japanese is at currently. I should just focus on the work and results will naturally come.

Sis. B – called to serve in Missouri
I am seriously LOVING it here in the MTC. I never realized or understood how much FUN it is to be a missionary. The days here are like 74 hours, I swear. But we’re learning so much and my teachers are SO good. It’s kind of like seminary and mission prep to a whole new level. I seriously love my district and we all have such a good time together. We meet up as a district all of the time and we all get along super well. They’re literally the best. We’ve all gotten super close which makes it so good. And the Elders are probably the funniest people I’ve ever met. I just really really really like it here.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- “Never lose sight of the magnificent blessings He is showering on you. Look up and look out and see the blessings.” We have the NEATEST blessings from being members of this church! Recognize the blessings you have now and seriously just soak in all that God has given you.



Sis. F – called to serve in North Carolina

My district is honestly the best district! We all have a blast together and also have some really insightful spiritual discussions. All the sisters in our district have gotten really close and I am so grateful for them! We’re all going to North Carolina together too which I am looking forward to!

The food has been pretty good honestly its really nice to not have to make anything and to have all the orange juice, hot chocolate, and apple juice I could ever want! After lunch is when our exercise time is which has been AWESOME. I feel great afterwards and then it helps me stay awake during personal and companion study



Sis. S – called to serve in Republic of Georgia

Last night was super cool because Elder Neil L Anderson of the twelve apostles came and spoke to us! Haha I don’t know how we’ve gotten so lucky to see so many apostles while we’ve been here, but in 6 weeks I’ve seen 3 apostles (Elder Holland, Oaks, and Anderson), the Piano Guys, and David Archuleta. We’ve been really blessed.

One thing I really caught from Elder Anderson’s talk was that the Savior knows us each one by one. This past Sunday we watched a video of a talk given by Elder Bednar called One by One, and he talked about how when you serve the Lord, you serve individuals.  It just made me really reflect on my mission and why I am called where I am and who my companions are and who I’ll come in contact with. I know my call is inspired of God….Not only that but He is so aware of us and our problems as small or big as they seem. The first word that God said in this dispensation was, “Joseph.” What a beautiful thought that He knows us each by name.

Haha one last stupid funny story. So in class this week Dzma Davisi was beginning to teach us random animal names in Georgian like wolf -mgeli, eagle – artsivi, baby elephant – splixvi, and we started talking about spiders. I asked  Dzma Davisi whether or not God loves spiders, and he was like, “Hmm good question….. No.”

Hahahaha, it’s dumb but I’m just glad we are able to laugh so much in class.

Missionaries are awesome!

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