Light the World

lightup_eng_4101If you haven’t heard about the Light the World campaign, you should check it out HERE. Each day for December, there is a scriptural theme based on the Savior Jesus Christ’s life. It started with the scripture in Matthew 10:8: Freely ye have received, freely give. The point of the campaign is to remember Jesus more this season, instead of getting so caught up in the commercial aspect of the holidays (which is easy to do).

Jesus Christ lived a life of service, and He commanded us to follow Him. Do what He did. Serve others. Lift others. Comfort and mourn with others. Bless others. Think of others. Love others.

If you’re not already doing this, I encourage you to check out the link above and think of small ways to light the world by reflecting our Savior’s love to others this season. Bring joy to those around you. It will also bring joy to you as you draw nearer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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