Life’s Music

Many years ago my husband and I purchased a piano. It’s been used by all of us over the years to create beautiful, and not so beautiful, music.


Life is like a piano. You get out of it what you put into it.

I have heard awful discord come from my beautiful grand, and I’ve heard amazing melodies and harmony as well. The piano is not at fault for what notes come out of it…just like life isn’t at fault for how we each develop.

Just as one must study and practice on the piano, one must also study and practice at life. Whiners, slackers, and murmurers don’t become proficient pianists…neither do they win at life. Those who put forth the effort to study, practice, and play correctly will bring forth beauty. That kind of music is powerful…almost magical. In the words of Berthold Auerbach:

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  Good music cleanses and makes our spirits shine.

When we apply that same study and devotion to life—learning from challenges instead of giving up or complaining about them, turning to our Master teacher for help and guidance when the theory or practice becomes tricky—our souls can likewise be cleansed and our lives will emanate the light of our Savior.

When I began piano lessons as a child, I wanted to play the masterpieces. I hated the simple songs like This is Up. This is Down. But it is through the simple pieces that we practice that our skills grow until years later we can play the beautiful masterpieces.

In life, it is the same. It is the simple kindnesses, smiles and sacrifices each day that bring about great things. Through diligent, obedient practice and following our Teacher’s instructions (commandments), we grow and develop until kindness becomes part of our nature. Love blooms where jealousy or anger once dwelt. The joyful music of our obedient practice washes away from our souls the dust of everyday life and makes us shine.


Another musical lesson I didn’t learn until I was an adult was how important the REST is in music. Truman Fisher says:

The pause is as important as the note. 

It is that way with us too.  We must PAUSE and rest occasionally for a spiritual break, a communion with God…in order to give renewed power and energy to our life’s music.

Be still, and know that I am God. –Psalms 46:10

Make sure as you create your music that you put in rest notes. Be still, and commune with God to ask if He’s happy with the path you’re on right then. Ask Him if you need to change your melody or harmony in some manner. Tell Him all that you are thankful for each day. If you take time to pause in your daily music…you will rejoice in the power and energy that will enliven your song afterward.

I will leave you now with this amazing piano masterpiece from Jarrod Radnich to enjoy (make sure you watch till the end–that’s my FAVORITE part).

May it inspire you to make beautiful music in our own life and to also be still, and know God.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Music

  1. Love this object lesson, Charissa. And I love how he plays his last note by sitting on the piano! I took piano for two years as an adult and I LOVED it. Then my piano teacher moved away and I never found another teacher. Now I’ve forgotten everything I learned, but this post reminded me of how much I yearn to play again.No worries, it also taught me a great life lesson!! Thanks for a wonderful post!


    • The same thing happened to me as a kid–my teacher moved away and for years I stalled. When I finally got one again, I had to almost start from the beginning (which didn’t make me happy). When you do start again, it comes back faster though then the first time.


  2. BTW, I really, really miss the pic in the header of your family jumping in the air. I LOVE that picture! May I make a request for it to return?


    • On second glance, I think that is your daughter as a missionary. Right? Now the picture has greater meaning!! No change needed. But I still LOVE the jumping picture!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure it will return in the future when I run out of pictures. This pic is one of my daughter’s mission pics. I thought I’d change up the header each quarter just so things don’t get boring.


    • I took lessons again as an adult, and I did so much better than when I was a kid (mostly because I was paying for it and so it made me practice so much better than when I was young and took it for granted)


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