Return and Succeed

Having a daughter who just returned from a mission this year, I’ve watched how she’s struggled to fit into the real world again after spending 19 months living by a rigid routine that kept her spiritually fed and in-tune. Returning to the worldly distractions and pressures of school, employment, socializing, and other things can be daunting for these young single adults.

However, I read a new book just published by Covenant that has been written for the express purpose of helping people like my daughter successfully bridge the gap between mission life and regular life by inspiring them to stay spiritually strong. It is called Return and Succeed: 12 Powerful Habits for Success after Your Mission.


Truthfully, I believe this book can help anyone. It enabled me to see areas where I could improve while at the same time inspiring me with ideas to accomplish these improvements.

Though the book is just under 110 pages, it is meaty. You will want to mark it up and revisit certain chapters again in the future. The principles written about by author, Robert R. Shallenberger, were basic, yet the way he presented them inspired me to be better (on almost every page!).

For example, his chapter on engaging in mighty prayer discusses the difference between just saying prayers, or even offering up a humble and sincere prayer, versus taking it up a level and really getting heaven’s attention by engaging in MIGHTY prayer (the kind Enos, Nephi and Joseph Smith used when they really wanted God’s attention).


It was such a good chapter that I based a Family Home Evening off it for my younger children to encourage them to make mighty prayer something that happens more frequently in their life (instead of being a rare occurrence).

Each chapter has questions for self-evaluation, as well as ideas to shake things up out of your comfort (or lazy) zone and make these principles work in your life.

Other subjects covered in this book are:

  • Striving to know the Lord
  • Temple worship
  • Pondering the scriptures
  • Friends
  • Developing a clear personal vision
  • Setting goals
  • Leading with Love
  • Understanding the difference between the Church and the Gospel
  • Continuing to Learn
  • And other Tips for success

This quote from the end of the book sums up the message beautifully:

When you return from your full-time missionary service, your true mission begins….Your life will be a marathon, not a sprint. Look back on where you’ve been and learn the lessons from your past, but turn your eyes to the future. You have an enormous amount of potential and the Lord can use you for incredible good in this world. Good luck in your journey.

If you know and love a returned missionary, I would highly recommend this book and encourage you to have them read and study it. It wouldn’t hurt to read it yourself as well. You might be like me and discover ways you, too, can do better to experience more success in life. After all…we all RETURN from somewhere, even if it’s just the grocery store or school.

We all have need to Return and Succeed in life.

To read more reviews about this new motivational book, check out these other blogs during the blog tour, and enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win your own copy and cash.

Jan. 14th: LisaisaBookworm

6 thoughts on “Return and Succeed

  1. I agree, it sounds like a book that would be good for all of us to read, not just returned missionaries. A friend of mine told me how depressed she was when she returned home from her mission. She literally didn’t know what to do with herself. This book would’ve helped her a lot!


    • Yeah, the principles taught in it are so good that I would say everyone can benefit from it. Of course, it is geared specifically for young adults…but I’m young at heart (so maybe that counts)


  2. Great review, Char. I really like the message about how the true mission begins once someone returns from full-time missionary service. I think that idea can be applied to college, internships, dating — anytime we are gaining experience in order to be better at life. If that’s even possible!


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