1 Nephi 8b – Partake & Share

The second part of this chapter talks about the tree of life Lehi sees in his dream and the fruit that tastes more sweet and wonderful than any other fruit he has tasted. It is so glorious that he wants to share it with his family. We want to share good things in our life with those we love. Let’s learn more about what the tree and fruit represent.

1 Nephi 8a – Plant good seeds

Chapter 8 is MEATY, so I’ll break it into several posts. This one focuses on verses 1-10…about planting good seeds & overcoming darkness in our lives by seeking the Source of all light.

1 Nephi 7 – Be specific

Being specific was the theme that touched me in this chapter. Nephi not only prayed for deliverance when he was bound, but he prayed specifically for power to break the ropes that bound him. Do we exercise faith to be specific in our prayers? This chapter also taught about anger and forgiveness. Anger leads to the Dark side, so frankly forgive.

1 Nephi 5-6 – Ask & Search

These 2 chapters show how important it is for everyone to receive their own personal revelation. Asking God and searching out answers through prayer, scripture study, and pondering our lives. Chapter 6 also states clearly the purpose Nephi and the other ancient prophets wrote the Book of Mormon–to bring souls unto Christ.

1 Nephi 4 – Do the Impossible

Think of what we could do in our lives if we stopped setting limits for ourselves, and instead, trusted in God’s infinite power and possibilities. When Christ is with us, all things are possible. What can you do to have a better relationship with our Savior?

1 Nephi 3 – Faith to Do

The theme I chose for this chapter is Faith to do. God usually stretches us beyond our comfort levels when He asks us to follow Him. Do we have the faith to follow Him, even when we fail and fail again? Do we keep getting up and trying again? How can you strengthen your faith to do what God asks you to do?